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We first perform a complete inspection of the braking system. Without doing this, we cannot adequately determine what your car really needs or how much it will cost. Our technicians can repair all braking systems including the newer anti-lock brake systems. Each car requires different components to repair the braking system so please schedule an appointment to have your brakes inspected.


Short drives and infrequent oil changes are two factors that lead to formation of sludge in an engine. This gelling of the oil can cause premature engine failure. It is important to change your engine oil every 4,000 miles for regular oil or 7,000 miles for full synthetic.  We always follow your vehicles maitanence schedule when ever we do service to your vehicle. 
We specialize in Diagnosing and Repairing Smog Failure vehicles. 


  • Pressure testing to check for leaks. 

  • Coolant Flush and Exchange

  • Water Pump 

  • Thermostat

  • Replacing Hoses


If there is a leak, we'll find it. 





Remove transmission oil pan and replace internal filter (if equipped), top off fluid and test drive. This service is designed for regular maintenance and should be performed with a transmission flush if the fluid is extremely dirty or burnt. This service only replaces approximately 50-60% of the fluid.






Many of today's engines utilize a timing belt. If this belt breaks, serious engine damage could occur. This is why the vehicle manufacturer will specify certain intervals at which this belt should be replaced. The mileage will vary from 60,000 to 90,000 miles with some recommending replacement at 105,000 miles. We recommend timing belt replacement at 90,000 miles or your manufacturer's specified interval, whichever is less.





  • 30 60 90,000 mile services

  • Maintenance schedule services

  • AC Recharge

  • Induction System Clean Up: BG 

  • Brake Fluid exchange

  • Transmission Service

  • Many others.......


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